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「ボイドラとは何か。」 - What's a Voice Drama?
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Despite the amount of English stuff I blurt out on twitter and on my personal website, this is my first post in English on this blog, which I actually didn't think I'd ever be doing on the NWS blog.

It has come to our (specifically Azumi and my) attention, that there has been some misunderstandings regarding voice dramas.
While we, NERVE, do not have much issues with non-Japanese audiences listening to our voice dramas and/or podcasts, we were startled by the fact that our works have been perceived to be materials people can use to practice their Japanese skills.
As you may have noticed, I am fluent in English (heck I've been living in Canada for the past 8 years and counting), and some of my compositions do include English lyrics. However, NERVE's target audience, as with many of the other voice drama creators, has always been Japanese-speakers.
Partly as a response to this discovery, and partly as an attempt to clarify and explain what a "voice drama" is, we came up with the following website (in probably less than 2 hours max):

In addition, we now have a (rather simplified) English website for NWS:

Hopefully, these websites would give you a better idea of what voice dramas are, and will help you better understand what our works are about as well.

Kindest regards to all overseas listeners,
Yuuri Kirie
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